Lab – mosdókagyló

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Lab – mosdókagyló
Lab – wash basins
Lab Collection is a series of free-standing and back-to-wall wash basins characterized by a hybrid shaping. Sculptural, complex, architectural in form and material, the Lab Collection offers a broad functional range. A veritable architectural-design project for a sophisticated and elegant bathroom ambience.
Lab 03 is an innovative type of project, introducing the first ever wash basin designed with a system of curves and junctions, full and void volumes, to integrate the towel rail.
Complex, of light yet textural appeal, Lab 03 is a veritable architectural-design project. Exquisitely pure geometry, softened by rounded corners, render this product undeniably contemporary. An innovative shaping, for contemporary and international living.
Ludovica+Roberto Palomba
Ludovica+Roberto Palomba_designers: ”Geometric and organic shapes, combining, fusing, developing in harmony to engender soft and sensual forms, of sinuous yet well-defined line. A contemporary shaping interprets the complex, eclectic and international character of modernity”.
Available in free-standing, wall-hung or back-to-wall versions, for single or twin installation, Lab 02 offers a very ample functional versatility. Its geometric forms and silky material (Cristalplant) impart a sculptural quality and style to any type of bathroom ambience.
Fluid, architectural and sculptural in form and material (patented Pietraluce®), Lab 01 blends beauty and energy in a variegated play of strength and equilibrium.
The shaping of this single block enhances its visual impact; a soft and delicate touch pervades the senses.

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