TELE DI MARMO REVOLUTION – Thassos – márványhatású gres padló- és falburkolat

Gyártó: Emilceramica
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TELE DI MARMO REVOLUTION – Thassos – márványhatású gres padló- és falburkolat


  1. Lappato Lucido
  2. Naturale
    A surface that is velvet-smooth to the touch but has all the resistance and anti-slip properties needed for use in any residential and commercial context.


With the Tele di Marmo Revolution collection, Emilceramica offers a new interpretation of marble, the stone that embodies beauty and eternity and has always featured in locations with a harmonious blend of elegance and architectural strength.
Originating from the idea of reinterpreting the timeless beauty of marble for contemporary taste, Revolution offers unconventional sizes, introducing new colours and intriguing combinations and enhancing expressive potential through new stylistic languages.
Four new natural and semi-polished marbles find their most exquisite expression in the large slabs.
Calcite white comes from the Greek island of Thassos. Porcelain stoneware clad in pure white, inspired by the most limpid, essential form of white marble, which shaped the identity of classicism.
Calacatta Black marble transfers this same elegance into an alternative colour universe, which encapsulates every shade of deep black, interspersed with grey, yellow and brown veins.
Blue in all its thousand shades from azure to cobalt is the central theme of the Patagonia variant, referencing the beauty of the „marble cathedrals” on Lake General Carrera, between Argentina and Chile.
Verde Saint Denis is the very essence of nature, the colour of emerald, where aesthetic daring and the drive for authenticity meet, adding the noble beauty of marble to the most contemporary architectural projects.
Evolving fresh colours and patterns, the Tele di Marmo Revolution project continues to reinterpret marble in a contemporary key by extending the range with the Acanto pattern. Here the influence of artistic mosaic is clear, expressed through the use of precise, finely judged geometric motifs. Powerful and eye-catching, the acanthus leaves represented define a new, unique style, with subtle, tasteful shades and flawless details.
This highly expressive decor makes the Tele di Marmo Revolution project a complete covering offering, in which vein patterns, reflections and details acquire a personality that will make its mark in any project, unique and original as a work of art.

A decorative selection of mosaics further enhances the series, creating the maximum versatility of installation.



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