Pan ZP6242 – egykarú álló mosdó csaptelep

Gyártó: Zucchetti
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Pan ZP6242 – egykarú álló mosdó csaptelep

Zucchetti – PAN ZP6242

Design Ludovica+Roberto Palomba

The iconic PAN collection, signed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, is now available in 10 different colours and finishes, to better meet today’s various lifestyle needs. From shades of gold for a more classic look, to black and white for smart environments: a whole range of proposals for the creation of personalised projects, perfectly adherent to everyone’s style.

The finishes in nickel, gold and metal black are available in both polished and brushed variants. Produced using the galvanic process in the refurbished Zucchetti factory, they guarantee perfect product quality and optimum durability over time. In addition to the metallic finishes, painted colours are also available in embossed matt white, embossed matt black or the cool velvety soft touch black.

PAN is synonymous with flexibility and compositional freedom. It is a system for the bathroom, that can be assembled in an infinite range of solutions, where the different elements, designed to meet all needs, create a truly personalized space, today also thanks to the new assortment of colors.

Transversal and versatile, the PAN collection features an extraordinarily broad range. An interesting selection of models for bathroom basins, bidets and kitchen sinks is accompanied by some highly innovative solutions for showers and bathtubs, including the extensive range of shower heads. The pure, organic design of these products stands in sharp contrast to the infinite array of compositional possibilities; each element has been created to integrate seamlessly with a whole series of accessories and complements that generate exciting new solutions in terms of bathroom design.

PAN is the industrial response to contemporary functional and design needs.

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